VMAX Christmas Day

Maybe you are enjoying the Christmas Holiday, but we back to office as usual and the enjoy our Christmas Party.

It’s a special day for VMAX® Guys on Dec 25th,2018. All of VMAX® official guys are divided into two groups and then play Games match. Today, we are not only Running Man & Running Girls ,but also as architects and mischievous children.

All the activities lasted nearly 4 hours. Both of the team members cooperation well and the whole building was filled with laughter, screams and shouts. Everyone enjoys the joy of the game.

“We are a family. “This sentence is easy to say, but need to take more time, energy and patience to maintain it in our daily life. As one of VMAX®,we are Sharing·Passion·Happiness·Responsibility.

No matter what happens or whatever challenges during the business cooperation, we will continuously to providing our distributors, retails or partners Premium quality product and satisfaction customer service without any risk.

 Last but not least,Merry Christmas to you all! Many thanks for our business partners, distributors, retails and all of VMAX® guys continuing support over this 13years journey of VMAX®. Wish you all have a joyful holiday season and looking forward to continued success in 2019!


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